Turnkey House

Big Single Family Home
A turnkey home is ready for buyers to move into. They are built and designed to the specifications of the builder, and no customization was put in place by the buyer.

While buying a home of this kind can be very attractive to some, others will be completely turned off by the prospect of making a home out of a turnkey house. It all comes down to the advantages and disadvantages of living in this sort of dwelling.

The best part of moving into a turnkey home is that it is very practical. For those who believe a home is meant to be lived in like the World War II generation did, this is a luxury of sorts. There is no need to worry about the carpet or wall colors. Fixtures and other types of hardware are picked out as well, and everything goes together.

Famed modern architect Frank Lloyd Wright o­nly built turnkey homes. While they may have been unique, nothing in them was not picked out by Wright himself to include the furniture. o­ne story in his biography said that after building a home he sent a small clock to the owner with a note that said it would go perfectly over the mantle. She emphatically replied that it completed the house like nothing else to which she received a bill for it.

Turnkey houses have disadvantages that relate to Wright's distinction. There is no personal touch. Homeowners closer to more modern generations want a home that is an extension of who they are, not some cookie cutter design pulled from a factory floor.

There can be a lot of fine things that come with living in a turnkey house, but for those who want a more personal touch, they won't find it there.