Real Estate Agency or Do-It-Yourself

Single Family Home
While the actual construction and phisical maintenance of your estate might be emotionally rewarding, giving a house the personal, affectionate touch of "just the way I want it", and turning the building into a real home, the same approach might not be the best option when venturing into the real estate market.

Recent economical changes have thrown o­n the market numerous bargain opportunities for house hunters and investors and they have created the illusion of a joy ride from rags to riches through the real estate labirynth.

However, a real estate transaction is o­ne of the most regulated forms of trade. The help of a proffessional realtor can be priceless when dealing with all the aspects of the matter. As a buyer, even if you have your heart set o­n o­ne particular property, the knowledge and access to information of a real estate agent can provide terms of comparison in the least. And that would be just the first step.

When the actual buying process starts, there is negociation, loan shopping and matching the loan offer with the value of the property, which involves proffessional appraisal of the property by a independant third party, there is compiling of all these into a coherent legal contract and eventually the grand finalle: The closing. Of course, word by word it all fits into o­ne paragraph and it sounds easy, but trust me, each word is a process in itself and any o­ne tiny mistake could turn out pricy and time consuming. And time is critical in a real estate transaction where there is a deadline to closing established from day o­ne of the pre-contract.

While doing it yourself might have its advantages it a real estate transaction - after all, who doesn't like the thrill of a roller coaster ride? - the input of a proffessional realtor could prove just as helpful as a life saver safety belt.