Production Home Builder or Architect

When considering your options for the design of a new home you are confronted with several options. o­ne of those options would be to hire an architect to design your home. With an architect serving as your design professional you can be assured of a totally custom home that is o­ne of a kind, designed specifically for you and your property. You will also have the advantage of his experience and training in assisting you in making your choices regarding building materials and finish items. Of course, you will also be paying professional design fees for his services and will need to spend a significant amount of time communicating your preferences and making selections with him. The design process itself can take several months and then be followed with several months of construction before the home is complete.

Another option to consider would be using a production home builder. A production home builder generally has several basic floor plans to choose from and then several options and upgrades that can be chosen to further customize your home. o­nce you have selected your various options that customize the plan to your preferences, the design team will be able to quickly finalize the plans and construction can begin. The construction time for these types of homes is usually less as well since the builder is a part of the same team as the designer and materials are standard items which they work with o­n all their homes.

The quality and beauty of homes designed by an architect and a production home builder can be quite similar. The main factors to be considered are the time and cost comparisons between the two.