Kit House

A kit house is another term for a modular home. A modular home is a residence built in a controlled environment. Sometimes they are also called mobile homes, but this depends o­n the look. A mobile home will typically fall into the categories of single or double wide trailer. A modular home, o­n the other hand, falls into many categories that include trendy, energy efficient, and modern.

There are many advantages to buying a kit home. It will be a new home with many options to choose from to include size. While some products cater to those looking to take up less space by offering living spaces of less than 100 square feet, others are building to suit whatever area a family needs,

For those looking for flexibility there are "living homes" that have movable walls, allowing for some interesting options when it comes to remodeling. Those wanting to go green can purchase a kit house with solar panels.

While it may seem that buying a kit house is the way to go, it should be noted that there are disadvantages to buying o­ne. Aside from the expense of some of these homes, such as the Flatpak ($200 to $300 a square foot), they have very little track record to go off of. Consumers would have to go somewhat blindly into the market to purchase some of these homes.

For those who do not want a home to serve as a means of self-expression, kit houses are also a bad idea because they will stick out among the crowd, and their owners will be identified as the people who own them.

Between the pros and cons, kit houses look good, but looking good is not good enough for a home, and not all homes of this kinds are equal.