Finishing House

In a recent o­nline unscientific poll people were asked what types of houses they felt would be considered a dream home. There were lots of responses with a whole wide variety of different styles, but three actually stood out from the rest and for the most part were clearly the top picks among many. The top three were the Craftsman Bungalow House Style, Tudor and English Country House Styles, Victorian Queen Anne House Styles. Below are details o­n how to spot each.

Craftsman Bungalow Style - The Craftsman Style Bungalow is among many different types of bungalows. The Craftsman name comes a furniture designer Gustav Stickley, that published a popular magazine between 1901 and 1916 called,” The Craftsman". A Craftsman Bungalow can usually be identified by its low roof and wood, stucco, or stone exterior and single story. This style can be great if you’re looking for a smaller type home. Bungalows are for the most part efficient and smaller.

The English Country Tudor Style - Sometimes known as an English Cottage, the Tudor is a replicated modern version of a home that would have been build during the 1500's during a time know as the Tudor Dynasty. They are also known as a Tudor or Medieval Revival style. Easily identified by the finishing of the outside of the home with usually a very large chimney, very steep roof, the crossing gables, elongated and narrow windows, and of course the most recognizable part the decorative half timbering o­n the outside. This is a great home to display a certain level of success in life. Unfortunately, the overall design is not always that appealing to just any neighborhood.

Victorian Queen Anne Era Style - As the name suggest this style of home gets its name from English queens. Many of these particular style homes were built in the 1800's in the USA. Popularized in San Francisco, CA and through the country. This style is making a comeback as a romantic style home that is easy to spot. Usually finished with a decorative shingle, or patterned masonry. The round or square tower is always the most common give away. This is great home as a unique and stylish structure. A draw back is that it can be perceived as a feminine style home. Additionally, the outside can leave a lot to be desired if overdone with decorative items.

Lots of older style homes are making a come back in the face of the more modern day looking home. These three are currently the top trends and popular among many.