Duplex House

Duplex House
One of the more economically viable considerations in terms of housing would be the duplex design. In the crossover construction and real estate market, duplex housing has the potential to deliver modest profits to a developer and builder. In terms of investment property, duplex housing is known to bring modest returns for the property owner o­n a consistent basis.

As a consideration for a development opportunity, the duplex house can be designed and constructed at a relatively low, per square foot cost. A practical design and build scheme would include a wood framed structure o­n a concrete slab, with drywall interiors and attractive, yet inexpensive fixtures and accessories. Double insulated common walls afford each of the resident’s ample privacy, and the plot plan could feature separated or shared parking with a common outdoor area.

Depending o­n the particular residential zoning restrictions, the duplex design can be employed in redevelopment of an existing income property. Demolishing a single family home, and constructing an inexpensive duplex has the potential to increase the property owner’s investment return.

In mid-range real estate markets, the duplex can be converted for use as a timeshare, or offered as individual housing units. In many instances, architects and developers have successfully combined resources to transform an otherwise mundane duplex into an enchanting, multi-family property. The plot plans for these conversions are designed in such a way as to provide each of the residents with maximum privacy.

Traditionally, duplex housing is considered to be an affordable and practical solution for families with a modest income. In addition, this type of housing remains as a practical investment opportunity for property owners who are comfortable with modest returns o­n a consistent basis.